Webinar: Using AI/ML to unlock the rich data hidden in the human voice

Nearly 800,000 deaths or cases of permanent disability per year in the US are linked to diagnostic errors, often due to clinically inappropriate referrals. These errors can lead to adverse health consequences, increased hospital readmissions, and inefficient use of physicians’ time. Canary Speech’s vocal biomarker technology aims to transform this landscape by offering more accurate screening through the integration of vocal signatures, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. By modeling a greater number of data points, this technology can detect mood and disease states before observable symptoms appear, providing clinicians with a powerful tool for early intervention.

Join our webinar to explore how AI and ML techniques are revolutionizing screening accuracy, and how rich voice data sets contribute to a secure, multimodal data approach. Learn from Dr. David Rhew, Global Chief Medical Officer at Microsoft, and Henry O’Connell, CEO of Canary Speech, about the latest advancements in Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and how it supports the rapid scaling of AI technology. Discover the fragmented state of digital biomarker development and how a multimodal approach can unlock their full potential. Additionally, see how non-invasive voice screening can expedite the diagnosis of behavioral and cognitive conditions, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes. Enter your details to watch the video and gain valuable insights from industry leaders.