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The future of call center health analytics.

Powering life-changing care solutions and a new standard of service for clinical call centers. Canary Speech eliminates traditional barriers to call center workflows, leading a new era of real-time patient analysis and care.

A fundamental gap in care between call center providers and patients.

Clinical call centers are the front line of patient service. But without the ability to hear, see, and assess a patient, operators are left without objective data - resorting to back-and-forth lab work, patient wait times, and costly assessments. Canary eliminates both budget constraints and lack of actionable remote care options, providing vocal biomarker data utilized to screen a patient's wellness in real-time. We bring clinical call centers to their fullest potential, reducing budget constraints, time per call, and constraints on clinical-grade assessment from afar.

10 minutes

Average call time over 10 minutes

3 calls/hr

Average nurse able to take 3 calls per hour


54% of survey respondents worked as a telemedicine liaison

Closing the gap between clinicians and patients with actionable data.

Canary Speech streamlines clinical call center workflows and provides coordinators with actionable, real-time data. A patient can be screened in minutes and provided with targeted care immediately - eliminating long wait times, back-and-forth, and unnecessary lab work.

Our technology reveals indicators of underlying conditions in minutes without requiring specialized coordinator training or recognition, ensuring patients receive the diagnosis and care they need.

Stronger patient relationships

Better care means happier, healthier patients. Canary’s technology allows clinical call centers to strengthen relationships with callers, retaining more users and setting a higher standard of care.

Actionable audio data

Canary’s vocal biomarker data is objective and clinical-grade. Coordinators can utilize assessment results to action immediate patient solutions, without waiting for patient response or lab work.

Real-time behavioral analysis

Canary’s voice processing means patients can be screened in real-time for the care they need. Custom care solutions can be built around their results in minutes.

Reduced wait times

Seamless results mean reduced wait times and an easier workflow. Improved call center efficiency and productivity allow for more patients to be seen per hour.

Affordable, scalable solutions

Canary’s capacity to scale assessments and low cost per user reduce traditional barriers to scaling call center workflows. Our technology allows call centers to operate at unprecedented scale.

Proactive, accurate triage and patient care

Canary’s technology reveals underlying conditions without the need for specific surveys, orders, or lab work. Giving voice to silent conditions allows call centers to triage patients appropriately and provide proactive care solutions.

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Driving objective, scalable data solutions in telehealth for more successful patient outcomes.

Remote Patient monitoring

Cost-effective, proactive post-discharge care and monitoring.

Clinical Trials

Coordinating stakeholders to streamline clinical trials with cost-effective, non-invasive data collection.

Aging in Place

Providing dignified, accessible healthcare using objective, actionable data for aging patients.

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