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Leading healthcare into the digital era with voice AI solutions.

Canary streamlines outcomes for payers, reducing overhead and healthcare costs while providing superior care solutions. Our proprietary technology screens for disease earlier and more cost-effectively than traditional models.

The current healthcare landscape demands data-driven innovation.

Covid-19’s pressure on the healthcare system has accelerated the drive for innovative healthcare solutions. With mounting healthcare costs, emergency room visits, and growing demand for telehealth, payers must stay ahead of the curve.


100,000 lives are lost every year from lack of preventive care


Only 8% of US adults received adequate preventive care last year

1 in 4

1 in 4 US adults suffers from a mental illness

Building cost-effective solutions for payers with proprietary voice AI technology.

Payers leveraging technology and cloud platforms to power their businesses are better-positioned as the healthcare industry shifts away from legacy platforms. Our data-first approach allows payers to make targeted decisions on patient outcomes using a limitless pool of vocal biomarker data.

Canary Speech’s proprietary technology unlocks vital insights for payers, providing actionable, cost-effective data on patients. Our screening process enables clinical-grade preventive care, monitoring patient wellness and preventing hospital readmissions, emergency room visits, and general clinical deterioration.

Data-driven insight into patient care

Canary’s technology provides objective, cost-effective, scalable data to track and analyze patient wellness metrics.

Proactive patient screening

Proactive screening ensures that patients are treated for conditions before severe clinical deterioration presents. Access to preventive care and medication cuts healthcare costs, from patients to providers.

Reduced emergency room visits and readmissions

Our screening reduces the need for emergency visits and reduces inflated healthcare costs caused by unnecessary admissions.

Home care solutions

Canary’s technology allows actionable home care solutions and remote patient monitoring. Both patients and providers save on costs by reducing the need for inpatient care and acute care services.

Explore Use Cases


Driving objective, scalable data solutions in telehealth for more successful patient outcomes.

Remote Patient monitoring

Cost-effective, proactive post-discharge care and monitoring.

Clinical Trials

Coordinating stakeholders to streamline clinical trials with cost-effective, non-invasive data collection.

Aging in Place

Providing dignified, accessible healthcare using objective, actionable data for aging patients.

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