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Powering improved patient outcomes at scale with voice AI.

Canary Speech’s proprietary voice model screens for mood, disease states, and clinical deterioration using digital vocal biomarkers. Our technology provides clinical-grade insight into patient health proactively and non-invasively.

Repairing a broken healthcare system.

Until now, healthcare has been a fundamentally reactive industry. Mounting healthcare costs, staggering readmission rates, and a shortage of medical professionals have created a struggling model. Patients are unable to receive the standard of care they need due to time constraints, budgetary constraints, and lack of effective screening tools.


20% of Medicare beneficiaries readmitted within 30 days of index hospitalization

1 in 4

1 in 4 providers see 6+ patients per hour


5% of Americans account for all healthcare expenditure

Improving healthcare, one voice at a time.

Healthcare is on the precipice of a revolution. Canary Speech tips the scale to help organizations shift from reactive to proactive care. We power actionable solutions for healthcare providers, alleviating the pressure of mounting healthcare costs and increasing demand for care.

Our technology provides a cost-effective, scalable, and accurate screening platform for patients. We provide unprecedented insight into patient wellness and the ability to screen proactively and non-invasively for mood and disease.

Canary provides actionable patient data, empowering clinicians to assess patients with objective data in real-time. We drive better, more effective outcomes for both providers and patients.

Reduced healthcare costs

Canary reduces cost per patient, utilizing efficient screening methods and preventing health conditions from escalating.

Reduced readmission rates

Our technology identifies clinical deterioration earlier than traditional screening, providing the ability for targeted interventions and reduced readmission rates.

Early diagnosis

Proactive screening ensures patients get the help they need, before they know they need it - ensuring they can begin medication regimens, make lifestyle changes, and monitor conditions sooner.

Remote patient monitoring

Canary’s fully remote solution ensures patients can be safely monitored from afar, reducing wait times for clinicians, labs, and patients.

Scaling telehealth

Implement telehealth easily by integrating with Canary. Our technology fits seamlessly into any existing platform to power remote solutions for any provider.

Seamlessly aggregating patient data

Canary helps providers streamline workflows, track, and digitize patient data. Our technology allows providers to review and manage patient wellness with our easy third-party platform.

Explore Use Cases


Driving objective, scalable data solutions in telehealth for more successful patient outcomes.

Remote Patient monitoring

Cost-effective, proactive post-discharge care and monitoring.

Clinical Trials

Coordinating stakeholders to streamline clinical trials with cost-effective, non-invasive data collection.

Aging in Place

Providing dignified, accessible healthcare using objective, actionable data for aging patients.

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