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Providing insight into callers’ mental and emotional states.

The next generation of conversational AI with digital vocal biomarkers.

Revolutionizing Sentiment Analysis in Contact Centers.

Canary Speech's patented vocal biomarker technology redefines vocal analysis for contact centers. Unlike traditional methods that rely on subjective word-based assessments, Canary leverages as little as 40 seconds of conversational speech to assess the mental and cognitive health of callers or agents. The initial analysis of mood, stress, energy and a customer’s engagement in the call can be continuously streamed to the contact center with every 10 seconds of audio from the target voice. This approach is not only fast but also non-invasive and highly accurate, providing real-time vocal results that replace subjective measurements with objective, actionable solutions. This innovative technology allows for the remote assessment and monitoring of individuals' mental and emotional states, offering a scalable solution that can seamlessly integrate with existing contact center solutions.


Customer service agent productivity increases by 14% when using AI.


A positive emotional connection with a contact center agent makes 86% of customers likely to do business with that company again.


It is anticipated that 95% of customer interactions will be processed through a sentiment analysis tool by 2025.

Real-Time Insights into Contact Center Dynamics.

For enterprise contact center solutions aiming to gain a deeper understanding of their callers and agents, Canary Speech's technology is a game-changer. It provides real-time measurements of stress, mood, and vocal energy, enabling call centers to gauge the wellness, vulnerability, and cognitive states of individuals using a single voice sample. This convergence of voice AI technology and contact center solutions offers non-invasive, cost-effective innovations, ensuring that agents are performing at their best while enhancing the overall contact center experience.

Data-Driven Insights Beyond Words.

Canary Speech's core technology relies on advanced deep neural network machine learning techniques, analyzing over 2,500 unique vocal biomarkers to detect changes in emotional and cognitive states. Unlike traditional natural language processing (NLP)-based solutions, Canary Speech is not reliant on the words being spoken, making it a groundbreaking next-generation solution for contact centers. Furthermore, the technology's foundation on Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure guarantees best-in-class data security and compliance, making it suitable for various industries, from call centers to healthcare facilities and employee wellness programs. Canary Speech represents a new era in vocal analysis, offering a non-NLP-based approach that can transform how we understand and interact with the voice.

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