Streamlining clinical trials and enrollment with voice biomarker technology.

Canary Speech coordinates all supply chain stakeholders to streamline clinical trials. Our technology allows non-invasive, cost-effective data collection to track patient outcomes at scale. We make participation more accessible, convenient, and sustainable for patients, clinicians, and sponsors.

Scalable, low-cost solutions to supplement clinical trials.

Canary’s speech and language technology represents a fundamental shift in how clinical research teams can gather data. Our platform reverses the tide of rising healthcare costs and pricing limitations for clinical trials. Utilizing our cost-effective model, Canary’s technology allows for truly scalable solutions.


76% of 200+ polled clinical trial sponsors stated they conducted most or all of their patient monitoring remotely

9 out of 10

9 out of 10 trials require the original timeline to be doubled in order to meet enrollment goals


92.7% of oncology patients state it’s important to speak with clinical researchers before joining a trial

Objective, actionable participant data in seconds.

Clinical trials are no longer bound by processing times to collect participant data. Our technology gives research teams access to objective, actionable data immediately. Trial participants provide a 20-second audio sample and our system returns an analysis in less than a minute.

Improved metrics and retention rates with easy, non-invasive enrollment.

Canary eliminates pain points and barriers to entry for participants in clinical trials. Data collection is as simple as picking up a smartphone or tablet. Our API technology ensures a seamless participant experience, and provides clinical research teams access to a wider range of patients and data collection opportunities.

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