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Best-in-class voice AI SaaS, brought to you by industry leaders in speech and language technology.

First-of-its-kind patented vocal biomarker technology

Canary Speech holds ten patents specific to modeling disease states using vocal biomarkers. Our mission is to replace subjective healthcare assessments and self-reporting with quantifiable, scalable data solutions. Our technology holds the only patents specific to screening for disease using voice AI.

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Awards & Recognition

World-class team of industry experts

From speech technology to neurology to business leadership, our team are experts in their field. Canary has retained top talent to scale our technology. We’ve brought together the minds that created Amazon Alexa and Echo and top neurology and machine learning researchers to model our technology. Our team's previous work holds more than thirty combined patents and remains some of speech and language technology’s most respected figureheads.


Enterprise solutions for any business

Canary’s robust, scalable infrastructure and advanced machine learning modeling have primed us for enterprise solutions. We offer personalized services, support, and training to power any business and create customized disease models for any solution or use case.


Clinical-grade technology

From the start, Canary has maintained strict standards for clinical-grade modeling. Our technology is HIPAA-compliant and patented to screen for stress and mood levels. Our goal is to provide actionable insight in a healthcare setting and lead the charge towards digitized healthcare. We believe in the power of preventive care and objective, data-based solutions.


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