The Chirp Issue #4

AI predictions and decision-making can help mitigate human biases, but what about biases built into the technology itself? When models are trained on small data sets or designed by a close group of individuals, the technology cannot accurately represent or perform for everyone using it.

Designing AI with equitable methodology requires intentional development and implementation. Recently the term “techquity” has been gaining traction. It is the idea that tech industries have a responsibility to promote equity and recognize that technology can perpetuate bias if there is no intentional action to prevent it.

In today’s newsletter, we dive into techquity.

How can AI deliver equitable outcomes?

How to Achieve Techquity
Businesses that invest in diverse communities and develop engaging partnerships create better opportunities and conditions for everyone. “To make meaningful change, we must articulate and commit to action steps that are needed to achieve TechQuity.” Read this article to learn the essential steps to techquity.

Techquity and Community Work
There is no single solution to achieve inclusive AI. The problems facing rural populations (such as access to services) are often widely different from the problems facing urban populations (such as economic resources). We must be prepared to pivot, be humble and learn as we navigate a large set of complex solutions.

A Blueprint for Equity and Inclusion in AI
We can only improve techquity outcomes so far as we are willing to find and address the gaps in deployment and design. This report by the World Economic Forum identifies areas of opportunity to make AI more equitable and inclusive in the cycle of model design, data collection, testing, and monitoring.


New at Canary Speech

Expanding Mental Health Research

Ulster University has launched a study using Canary Speech’s technology. The study will analyze the presence and severity of depression and anxiety in young people and is currently in its trial phase. Click here to learn more about Ulster’s use of voice biomarkers in this research.

Canary at ViVE Conference

The Canary team attended ViVE 2023 in Nashville and met great leaders and innovative companies. Thank you to all who attended our “Future of evidence-based care” happy hour.


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