The Chirp Issue #5

Digital technology has the potential to revolutionize healthcare for older adults.

By enabling seniors to manage chronic conditions and screen for new ones, digital tools can empower them to remain independent while enjoying positive health outcomes. This is especially important given the aging population and the increasing prevalence of chronic illnesses. Digital healthcare technology offers seniors a major advantage by reducing their time spent in clinics, especially for those with limited mobility or living in rural areas. Additionally, these tools can improve accessibility and facilitate more frequent communication between seniors and their healthcare providers.

Despite these benefits, there are several barriers that may prevent seniors from effectively using digital healthcare technology. These include:

  • Lack of access to technology
  • Limited digital literacy
  • Concerns about privacy and security
  • Lack of trust in technology
  • Physical limitations
  • Lack of support

Healthcare providers, health tech organizations, and elder caregivers can play a critical role in overcoming these barriers to help seniors enjoy the benefits of healthcare technology.

Technology for every generation

Designing technology for the aging population

Among the technologies most important to older Americans are apps and devices that help manage health conditions. This insightful infographic provides an overview of technology adoption and engagement strategies employed by older adults. It also offers insights for design processes that can effectively address potential barriers to usage.

Business and bridging the digital divide

Businesses tend to exasperate the digital divide by designing their websites and apps for younger generations. With age comes a decline in sight, hearing, tactile movement control, and difficulty with complex navigation structures. How do we accommodate these needs and evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts? Watch this video to hear Professor Milena Head’s solution that every organization can apply.

Designing a familiar technology for elderly people

Learning technology is daunting for many older adults. This paper explores a design approach for improving ease-of-use of technology for older adults by increasing language familiarity, addressing the common perception that learning technology is too time and effort-intensive, and overcoming unfamiliarity with technology language due to cultural differences.

New at Canary Speech

Canary Speech’s Vocal Biomarker Technology Receives Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Status

Canary Speech has achieved Microsoft Co-sell Ready status, allowing its patented digital vocal biomarker technology to be sold and marketed by Microsoft sellers globally. The status enables more efficient deployment and management processes for customers, greater visibility for the company, and increased sales and partnership opportunities within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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