The Chirp Issue #1

Welcome to the first issue of Canary Speech’s newsletter, The Chirp. Canary Speech is at the forefront of healthcare technology, and we want to share the news, information, and resources that we are using to inform our life-changing work.

The Chirp will be bringing you the latest in healthcare AI once a month. Today we are starting out with a primer. What does AI and machine learning look like in healthcare today, and what are the possibilities for the future? Learn from top thinkers in the industry with the resources below.

AI is the healthcare tool of the future

How AI And Machine Learning Will Impact The Future Of Healthcare
The current healthcare system in the US is facing major strains. This article argues that, “The healthcare organizations that will be the most successful are the ones that will fundamentally rethink their processes and use machine learning and AI to create a truly intelligent health system.” Read on to hear how AI can make healthcare cheaper, more effective, more personalized, and more equitable.

The potential for artificial intelligence in healthcare
There are great possibilities and barriers to AI in healthcare. This peer-reviewed article provides a summary of AI’s power to augment diagnosis and treatment, improve patient engagement, and automate time-consuming administrative tasks. The authors also discuss the difficulty of technology adoption and the repercussions of ethical issues in healthcare.

How Machine Learning Enhances Healthcare
Can personal knowledge gaps and societal biases be overcome with AI?  Watch this video to learn how machine learning models are trained, and why Dr. Marzyeh Ghassemi believes that they will increase efficiency, objectivity, and prevent burnout in healthcare.

New at Canary Speech

Canary at INTERSPEECH 22

Canary Speech’s VP of research Namhee Kwon published and presented “Detecting anxiety and depression from phone conversations using x-vectors” at Interspeech 2022. Read more about Namhee and her amazing work here.

Canary Speech at HLTH Conference

Did you attend HLTH? Marketing team Caitlyn Brooksby and Rachel Noack were there to represent Canary Speech and meet with amazing healthcare innovators.


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