Canary Speech Hires Senior Principal Research Scientist Raymond Brueckner, PhD

We are excited to announce the latest Canary Speech hire, Dr. Raymond Brueckner.

A black and white picture of a smiling man, Ray Brueckner.
Dr. Raymond Brueckner

Ray joins the team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in ASR (automatic speech recognition), paralinguistics, and acoustic modeling. His addition to the research team will increase Canary’s capacity to advance speech and language technology in healthcare.

The challenges and opportunities of this field are not lost on Ray, who has worked in a number of speech technology companies and is looking forward to addressing these in his new role. “You have to deploy the model while thinking ahead on the research side. What factors from the research phase might make it difficult to deploy the technology to millions of customers?”

Surrounded by music, languages, and electronics, Ray shares that he has been interested in sound and speech since he was young. His interests have combined to build a career focused on creating models to address the needs of diverse populations and their audio environments. His doctorate degree is from the Technical University of Munich, Germany for his work on “Application of Deep Learning Methods in Computational Paralinguistics.”

His research in deep and machine learning, as well as speech, make him an excellent fit for Canary, where he is excited to be on a highly engaged team doing amazing work.

We look forward to accomplishing our goals with Ray on the team.