Hackensack Meridien Health partners with AI-driven speech analysis start-up

Health system Hackensack Meridian Health is partnering with Canary Health, which uses proprietary machine learning modeling to assess digital biomarkers in the human voice to explain or predict health-related outcomes. This will enable Hackensack Meridien to accelerate its artificial intelligence technology for wellness.


Canary Speech’s patented technology monitors health factors “in a fast, non-invasive and accurate way,” according to Thursday’s announcement.

Developed by the neurology and speech AI team behind Amazon Alexa, Canary Speech aims to provide proactive screening in real time with algorithms built to augment standardized clinical assessments like GAD7 for anxiety and PHQ8 for depression.

The company uses machine learning to model both acoustic and linguistic features of voice and human speech. It aims to provide clinical-grade screening to detect changing emotional wellness states and mental health deterioration in real time.

Hackensack Meridian says the tool’s vocal scores can replace subjective measurements with “objective, actionable” care plans.

Canary Speech is also researching voice assessments for diseases like Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as for PTSD and other conditions.

“Investment of this kind is a smart strategic move, with an eye toward the future,” said Dr. Ihor Sawczuk, Hackensack Meridian Health’s president of academics, research and innovation, and founding chair of the Hackensack Meridian Health Research Institute.

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