Experts talk detecting disease from voice biomarkers with AI

Researchers at the Milken Institute Future of Health Summit discussed the use of AI to diagnose diseases through voice analysis. Nate Blaylock, the Chief Technology Officer at voice AI company Canary Speech, highlighted their technology’s capability to extract over 12 million biomarkers per minute from speech. Canary Speech is actively involved in researching early disease detection, including conditions such as anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Panelists expressed optimism about the potential of voice analysis to aid in diagnosing conditions in conjunction with other methods. Blaylock mentioned Canary’s collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration to conduct trials, particularly for diagnosing depression and anxiety, and clarified that their technology is meant as a tool to assist clinicians, not replace them.

Additionally, the discussion touched on the challenges of safeguarding patient data, as well as the need for a clear data framework. Canary Speech’s active involvement in this discussion reflects its significant role in advancing voice analysis technology for healthcare.

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