Canary Speech Presents Findings at Interspeech 2022

Namhee Kwon, VP of Research at Canary Speech, shares that, “Interspeech is powerful. It is a large conference that covers every area of speech where we share ideas about collecting and analyzing data.” Namhee attended the Interspeech 2022 workshops this year and presented during the Speech, Music, and Mind portion which focused on detecting and influencing mental states with audio.

She also presented a research paper that she co-authored:* “Detecting anxiety and depression from phone conversations using x-vectors.” This paper details Canary’s model for detecting anxiety and depression through voice samples that are compressed and coded according to variabilities within speech. The conclusion supports using voice as a biomarker and the potential of simple conversations to identify anxiety and depression.

Next year’s Interspeech conference will take place August 20-24 in Dublin, Ireland. Interspeech connects leaders of science and technology in language processing from all over the world. The 2023 conference theme is inclusion:

“As researchers, we are all too familiar with the challenge of variability in human speech and language. We know that male and female voices are quite distinct. Our voices and speaking style change dramatically as we age from childhood to our elderly years. There are over 6,000 different languages in the world. In Interspeech 2023, we want researchers to pause and think about inclusion. Is your algorithm, your system, your experiment, or discovery, useful for as wide a range of speech or speakers as possible?”

At Canary Speech, we are excited by this challenge and enthusiastic about the applications of our technology to every voice.

Let us know if you’ll be attending, we would love to see you there.

*alongside Shahruk Hossain, Nate Blaylock, Naomi Hachen, and Joseph Gwin