Vinod Subramanian Joins Canary Speech

Canary Speech’s Research Team is excited to welcome Vinod Subramanian to the position of Research Scientist. His responsibilities include developing artificial intelligence systems that detect behavioral and mental health conditions. 

Though off to a busy start in the lab, we were able to speak with Vinod about his new role. 

What got you excited to work for Canary?

I believe in Canary’s vision to make healthcare more accessible. We are able to help people identify possible conditions and diseases through our AI and audio analysis programs. 

What is your favorite part of your position? 

I enjoy the interdisciplinary nature of this role, where researchers from healthcare, speech, language, and audio expertise get to work together to come up with solutions. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I compose music through this experimental method called live coding where the composer writes in a programming language and then is able to generate music. I learned how to do so when obtaining my Master’s degree in Music Technology, which is an interdisciplinary field that covers everything from the history of audio and computers to modern computer science techniques for audio analysis. 

Vinod’s addition to our Research Team will enhance our capabilities to diagnose and treat mental and behavioral health conditions through the use of speech analysis technology. 

We are thrilled to welcome Vinod to Canary!