Speech Recognition: Coming to an app near you

Did you know that Siri has three accent options, in both male and female, for English? Personally, mine is set on an Australian accent for the time being.

A survey conducted of Echo owning, Amazon Prime customers found that 17% use voice technology to order products off of Amazon.com. What has your experience been using speech recognition technology, like Apple’s Siri or the Amazon Echo?

As companies continue to utilize this technology, there’s an obvious question that arises. What does the world of speech and voice recognition look like for the everyday consumer like you and me?

According to Research and Markets, “The speech recognition market is expected to grow from USD 3.73 billion in 2015 to reach USD 9.97 billion by 2022.” That’s nearly triple in growth for technology that we may or may not see every day; may or may not use every day.

Recently, Facebook was featured in the article, “Inside Facebook’s Speech Recognition Factory,” highlight their significant resources going toward this segment of technology, but they have yet to show the application – like Amazon, Google, and Apple.

Facebook revealed their approach: find a problem that speech recognition could fix. That quickly brought them to ads + videos. After creating a speech recognition technology to that automatically generates subtitles, they say there was a double-digit increase in engagement.

These giant companies that we interact with every day are doing big things and solving problems utilizing speech recognition.

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