Software company adds Microsoft technology to make speech analysis faster

Link to the McKnights Senior Living article here.

Canary Speech, a speech analysis software company based in Utah, announced its partnership with Microsoft to utilize AI technology and expand its machine learning speech models. Canary Speech’s software uses vocal biomarker technology to detect speech irregularities and flag potential health issues such as mood, stress, and energy levels before noticeable symptoms arise, particularly in older adults with conditions like stroke or Alzheimer’s disease. The increasing use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in senior living communities is improving speech recognition and analysis across the board.

Through the collaboration, Canary will leverage Microsoft Azure to enhance its machine learning-based speech model offerings and its API platform will be integrated into Microsoft Teams. By utilizing Microsoft’s AI capabilities, Canary aims to make speech analysis faster, enabling senior living and healthcare providers to reduce costs, expand remote patient monitoring, and identify mental health issues more accurately.

For senior living providers, speech recognition technology can be a valuable tool for understanding and communicating with individuals who have non-standard speech patterns due to conditions like Alzheimer’s or other disabling conditions.