Canary Speech Invited to Plug and Play Japan Selection Day

Canary Speech has been invited for Selection Day, hosted by the world-class global venture capital/accelerator, Plug and Play Japan.

The second phase of Plug and Play Japan Selection Day includes a 5-minute video pitch as well as a 20-minute deep dive discussion with key business partners. Canary Speech was selected for two programs: IoT as well as Hardtech & Health. Selection Day will take place on October 29th and 30th.

About Plug and Play

Plug and Play is an innovation platform that connects the most innovative startups with the largest corporations in the world. Plug and Play is a world-class global venture capital/accelerator that partners with leading companies to support startups with innovative technologies and ideas. It carries out over 60 acceleration programs annually, providing more than 400+ companies with solutions to drive innovations. In addition, we have accelerated 2,000+ startups since inception in 2006. Plug and Play supported more than 500 startups in its US Headquarters and 1,450 startups around the world. Currently, Plug and Play is active in 16 countries with more than 30 bases. Plug and Play established its Japanese branch in July 2017, with its Tokyo-office.