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Leading the telehealth revolution with objective, scalable data solutions.

Canary’s real-time data analysis fills in the gaps in telehealth care, supplementing existing solutions with our proprietary vocal models and quantifiable data.

Easing the growing pains of the telehealth industry.

A rapidly growing field is primed to implement cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the curve. Canary Speech’s technology integrates seamlessly with telehealth platforms to supplement existing care solutions.

Canary resolves telehealth’s inability to gather quantifiable health data and vital signs during a visit. Providers using our technology will be able to screen for physiological states that present in acoustic and linguistic features - allowing for immediate, actionable care solutions.


Nearly 75% of U.S. hospitals utilize some form of telemedicine, up from just 33% in 2019.


68% of physicians reported wanting to implement telemedicine in their practice.

1 in 3

1 in 3 visits is expected to be telemed in the near future

Cutting-edge innovation to supplement telemedicine solutions.

Our real-time voice analysis reduces telehealth back-and-forth. We supplement existing solutions and reduce lag times for telehealth providers, allowing clinicians to collect voice samples using Canary Speech and return an analysis instantaneously. Providers are able to action solutions and make recommendations in real-time.

Utilizing real-time biofeedback for informed action.

Telehealth providers are now able to assess crucial wellness factors from their home practice. Clinicians can utilize Canary to screen for stress, mood, and energy levels linked to both emotional and physiological wellness, driving more successful patient outcomes and a streamlined, cost-effective practice.

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