Leveraging technology to scale cost-effective remote patient monitoring.

Canary’s AI strengthens the relationship between clinicians, caregivers, and patients by providing actionable data to remotely manage wellness.

Post-discharge care and monitoring with objective, actionable data.

Our technology improves efficacy and reduces costs of remote monitoring by providing actionable data non-invasively. Both providers and patients are able to assess symptoms and monitor correct dosages, assess medication regimens and efficacy, and strengthen their relationships with more consistent, cost-effective check-ins.

$7.4 billion

The global remote patient monitoring market is estimated to reach nearly $7.4 billion by 2029

30 million

Remote patient monitoring services and tools are expected to reach 30 million U.S. patients by 2024


90% of U.S. healthcare expenditures go towards treating chronic health conditions

Reduction in readmission rates.

Utilizing Canary’s patented technology, carers can screen patients ahead of traditionally observable symptoms and detect issues before a patient is at risk of readmission. Hospital readmission rates are staggering, ranging from mental health issues to congestive heart failure. By providing more consistent and more proactive screening for at-risk patients, Canary cuts readmission rates and ensures patients have access to the care they need before they’re at risk of hospitalization.

Revolutionary preventive screening for remote patients.

Our technology revolutionizes remote home health monitoring and ensures that both providers and patients stay ahead of symptoms, delivering more successful patient outcomes and happier, healthier patients.

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