Shaping the future of home healthcare, from urban to rural.

Canary Speech’s technology closes the gaps in healthcare, providing equal access to care opportunities regardless of patient location. Our technology eases care transitions, improves health outcomes, and supports patients with recovery and medication adherence from afar.

Reducing readmission rates with actionable home healthcare solutions.

Canary Speech’s patented API provides targeted analysis to identify patients at risk for readmission. Our technology has modeled the correlation between voice characteristics and clinical deterioration, to screen for conditions before mood and disease states present in home healthcare patients.


95% of payers stated that home treatment is more cost-effective than long-term facility treatment


72% of surveyed patients preferred to recover at home versus a medical facility

4.3 million

4.3 million beneficiaries utilized home healthcare in 2021

Scalable, low-cost wellness assessments.

Canary’s solution creates scalable, cost-effective options to provide home healthcare to recovering patients. Our model allows for increased access to care opportunities for underprivileged communities, reducing costs and logistical issues for clinicians, payers, and patients.

Data modeling to screen patients unable to utilize traditional home healthcare.

Canary’s technology will shape the future of wellness in healthcare deserts. Rural and underprivileged communities without access to hospitals, primary care physicians, or healthcare facilities can now receive the same level of care, regardless of their location or income level. Our screening process builds a pool of actionable data from patients who typically would be unable to receive care.

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