Proactive wellness for happier, healthier employees.

Canary’s proprietary technology empowers employees to take charge of their wellness. Our seamless, non-invasive screening allows daily mood tracking and ensures employees can monitor mood states and address symptoms of burnout early.

Screening for employee burnout, before it happens.

Canary Speech’s vocal biomarker API quantifiably measures mood factors with the potential to impact employee performance. Our technology rapidly assesses stress levels to identify employees at risk of burnout. Employees and employers can then proactively take action to reduce stress, before performance is affected.


55% of front-line health care workers reported experiencing burnout


75% of employees aged 18 to 29 reported declining mental health since 2020


75% of employees believe modern workplaces are becoming more stressful

Simple, stress-free employee check-ins.

Despite exploding rates of mental illness, employees may hesitate to inform employers of mental health struggles. Our third-party platform provides an easy, non-invasive method to screen for wellness. Canary eliminates stressful collection methods like surveys and self-reported assessments, and provides the opportunity for daily check-ins with minimal effort.

Integrated wellness surveys to supplement employee health programs internally.

Supplement new and existing employee wellness solutions with our HIPAA-compliant, secure platform. Instead of directing employees to costly, subjective, and reactive mental health programs, manage employee wellness internally. Employee data is collected and stored fully anonymously and our systems are deployed on secure, industry-leading cloud platforms, ensuring employees feel safe sharing whatever they need to.

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