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Driving proactive diagnoses and effective treatment with voice AI.

Canary Speech’s proprietary technology models mood, disease states, and clinical deterioration using digital vocal biomarkers. Our technology provides clinical-grade insight into patient wellness and proactive health screening.

A fundamental struggle with budget, diagnosis, and drug adherence.

Patients receive little support from clinicians and pharmacists after receiving a diagnosis. As little as half of mental health patients successfully adhere to a medication regimen, of the small percentage who are successfully diagnosed. Pharmaceutical budget is largely allocated to clinical trials and directed away from patient care and actionable insight into patient wellness or telemedicine solutions.


40% of pharmaceutical research budget is put towards clinical trials.


93% of patients say they would better manage prescriptions with telemedicine.


Medication adherence for mental health conditions may be as low as 50%.

Shaping the future of the pharmaceutical industry with voice analytics.

Canary Speech’s technology represents a fundamental shift in how the pharmaceutical industry is able to screen patients, provide care, and develop medication. Our objective, actionable vocal biomarker data powers more effective patient diagnoses and ensures patients get access to life-changing medication.

Real-time monitoring ensures seamless wellness tracking, and ability to assess medication adherence remotely and non-invasively.

Improved patient diagnoses

Canary Speech’s proprietary screening assesses patients for underlying conditions ahead of traditional clinical methods. Reducing time to diagnosis and improving accuracy of diagnosis ensure more patients are able to receive the care they need.

Improved medication adherence

Monitoring patient wellness and utilizing non-invasive check-ins improves medication adherence. Patients have access to better, more consistent support, and providers have a cost-effective and seamless method of data collection and tracking patient outcomes.

Regular wellness screening

Consistent patient monitoring utilizing Canary’s non-invasive surveys ensures patients’ behavioral and physiological states can be analyzed and addressed from afar.

Streamlined clinical trials

Canary Speech’s technology provides scalable, low-cost solutions to supplement clinical trials. Canary eliminates pain points and barriers to entry and provides objective, actionable data in seconds - powering more cost-effective clinical trials.

Explore Use Cases


Driving objective, scalable data solutions in telehealth for more successful patient outcomes.

Remote Patient monitoring

Cost-effective, proactive post-discharge care and monitoring.

Clinical Trials

Coordinating stakeholders to streamline clinical trials with cost-effective, non-invasive data collection.

Aging in Place

Providing dignified, accessible healthcare using objective, actionable data for aging patients.

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