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Proactive employee wellness for the modern company.

Supporting happier, healthier employees by prioritizing well-being and powering non-invasive wellness solutions.

Employee stress and burnout are at an all-time high, impacting well-being, output, and attendance.

Rates of employee burnout have exploded since 2020, with more workers than ever struggling to prioritize work-life balance. Screening is subjective and often comes too late - reactive solutions address wellness after an employee is already suffering with deteriorating mental health, well-being, morale, and performance. Burnt-out employees are at increased risk for severe mental health issues and clinical deterioration.


57% of US workers reported feeling stressed at work


16% of employees have quit a job due to stress

550 million

550 million workdays annually are lost to employee burnout

Creating happier, healthier, more productive employees with proactive wellness screening.

Canary Speech’s patented voice biomarker API screens for mood states, detecting employee stress and burnout earlier and providing the opportunity to address performance proactively. Canary’s screening allows actionable solutions earlier, improving employee satisfaction, productivity, and attendance.

Our technology allows unprecedented, scalable insight into overall company wellness. Employers can identify workplace stressors or trends and address issues proactively. Our screening process requires just a 20-second voice sample, allowing for large-scale company analysis and easy integration into company benefits programs.

Our technology fits seamlessly into existing company platforms, or functions as a stand-alone program to ensure employee wellness is prioritized with an easy, cost-effective solution.

Easy, non-invasive wellness screening

Canary Speech’s technology allows for regular employee screening. Assessing wellness with as little as 20 seconds of conversational speech, our solution provides a stress-free, non-invasive screening method for employees.

Scalable, integrated employee wellness solutions

Canary’s seamless integrations make it simple to add voice analysis to your company infrastructure. Incorporate wellness checks and early screening into your internal tooling using our API integration.

Cost-effective employee health management

Mitigate costs of employee healthcare plans with our scalable screening solution. With our cost-effective model, Canary can be utilized large-scale to assess employee wellness.

Happier, more productive employees

Proactively screening for employee wellness means preventing employee burnout. Employees able to prioritize wellness feel heard and understood, and are ultimately more resilient, happier, and more productive.

Explore Use Cases


Driving objective, scalable data solutions in telehealth for more successful patient outcomes.

Remote Patient monitoring

Cost-effective, proactive post-discharge care and monitoring.

Clinical Trials

Coordinating stakeholders to streamline clinical trials with cost-effective, non-invasive data collection.

Aging in Place

Providing dignified, accessible healthcare using objective, actionable data for aging patients.

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