Improving our health, one voice at a time.™

The new gold standard to measure disease in real-time.

Canary Speech’s vocal biomarker technology unlocks voice as a vital sign, leading a new era of machine learning in healthcare. We are the sole clinical-grade technology providing real-time vocal analysis to screen for cognitive and behavioral conditions. Our mission is to replace subjective measurements with objective, actionable data to assess wellness and power more successful patient outcomes.

Preventive screening using vocal biomarker analysis.

Our patented vocal biomarker technology models acoustic and linguistic features, returning analysis after seconds of conversational speech. Canary objectively detects cognitive and behavioral conditions ahead of traditional clinical screening and before observable symptoms – allowing clinicians, payers, and patients to address conditions proactively.

Our technology reduces readmissions, prevents hospitalizations, and gives patients and providers a head start on wellness.

Wellness has never mattered more.


US healthcare costs are growing at 1.1x the rate of GDP


42% of Americans received unnecessary testing this year

1 in 4

1 in 4 Americans suffers from a diagnosable, treatable mental illness


An API-first platform for scalable, secure, clinical voice analysis.

Our technology is built on a robust cloud infrastructure, ensuring best-in-class data security and compliance. Canary Speech is fully HIPAA-compliant and backed by a team of industry-leading data security experts.


Building the future of healthcare.

Canary’s technology has vast practical applications - from internal workforces, to hospitals, to healthcare deserts, to a single patient’s phone in their pocket. Our goal is simple - close the gaps in modern healthcare and ensure that everyone, everywhere, has access to the care they need.


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